What is your online plan?


What is your online plan?
Clark Communications is at the forefront of online marketing for lighting showrooms. Our online strategy – which we call Internet Bundling Services – includes retargeting programs and contextual ads, and integrates social media tools to expand your store’s online presence beyond your website.

Consistency across platforms
When starting a new online marketing program, it’s important to remember that the success of these campaigns depends on consistency across platforms. One ad on Facebook will not drive a lot of traffic to your website. But a Facebook ad in conjunction with a coordinated series of retargeting ads to your web visitors plus contextual ads plus an email campaign to your customer list is a powerful combination.

You’ve been retargeted
Have you ever shopped online for something and then saw banners for that same shopping website when you visited a completely different website? You’ve been retargeted. The shopping site you visited placed a cookie on your computer that allowed them to track your visit and then deliver an ad to you later, after you’ve left their website. Retargeting has been around for years, but the tools to make it a successful method of delivering relevant ads to people visiting your website have become much more sophisticated. Some people find it disconcerting, but the success of retargeting is undeniable.

Relevant contextual ads
Another tool in the Clark Communications Internet Bundling Services is a contextual ads program. Contextual ads are those small ads you see on sites such as Martha Stewart, DIY Network, Better Homes and Gardens and many more. The ads are appropriately placed according to the content on the page (the context); for instance, you might be reading an article about romantic bedroom lighting, and on the same page is an ad for your showroom with a reading light – or appearing on the same pages as an article about remodeling your kitchen or outdoor lighting tips.

Facebook and Twitter and Houzz – Oh My
The last – but certainly not least – tool in your online presence is social media. We can set up a Facebook page for your business and teach you how to use it. Houzz is a very popular design website used by thousands of interior designers and architects. It is where your showcase your products and services to those professionals.

Not everyone is comfortable tweeting, but we can set up your Twitter feed and will write a tweet whenever you send out a new email campaign.

Clark Communications Group will work with you to create consistent and compelling online programs to drive traffic to your website and your store(s). Call Dave Clark at 800-886-2522 today to ask for more details about these programs.