Marketing Services from Clark Communications Group

Clark Communications Group has served the advertising needs of lighting stores and manufacturers exclusively since 1988. We have a reputation for providing high level creative work that also drives sales and brand awareness.

Clark Communications Groups makes it our business to stay on top of marketing trends as they pertain to lighting stores and manufacturers.

Here are the Top Five Trends that we are currently tracking.

1. EBLASTING – When it comes to web marketing, Email is the dominant marketing tool. Clark Communications Group creates programs that collect, send and replenish emails. Last year we sent out over 1,500,000 emails for our lighting showroom clients. We manage over 60,000 emails for our showroom customers.

2. YOUTUBE VIDEO MARKETING – Major breakthroughs have occurred in the ways that video is produced and edited – leveling the playing field for small retail accounts. Clark Communications Group now creates engaging videos in a matter of days and adds them to your You Tube video channel, complete with key search words and phrases – that’s good for business and great for your web site ranking.

3. DATABASE WEBSITES – On line retail continues to grow at 12.5% per year. How’s your business? Let us help you design and produce a web site that incorporates a decorative lighting database. We are also using the database as a marketing tool to create online flyers, highlight monthly specials, and increase sales.

4. MOBILE MARKETING – 33% of mobile phone users now have Smart Phones – and there are more advertising opportunities than ever on Smart Phone applications. We can attract traffic to your web site for as little as 15 cents a click. Compare that to $1.50 per click on Ad Words and you can see why we think that Mobile Marketing presents a huge opportunity for lighting showrooms and manufacturers. Sounds complicated? Call us. We’ll make it happen quickly and easily – including targeting by geographic area, gender and age.

5. SOCIAL MEDIA – Facebook advertising is another untapped resource. We’ll show you how to set up and fund a local advertising account – then help you make it consistent with other advertising messages.

1. Review co-op and develop promotional strategies and budgets.
2. Review media opportunities and develop an annual advertising plan tied to budgets.
3. Review your current website and suggest improvements to help implement marketing programs.
4. Provide an overview of available database companies and coordinate with the database company.
5. Develop content for your web site, including articles, videos, social media, and informational and promotional landing pages.
6. Collect emails from your customer base.
7. Create and manage the launch of a series of e-blasts.
8. Create print, radio, TV and on line ads as per the media schedule.
9. Create short articles that are inspired by the ads and emails we develop and add them to your web site, along with appropriate photos.
10. Provide promotional and product information via Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.

Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations and help you develop and execute well thought out advertising and marketing programs that build brand awareness and sales for your business.

Please contact me directly for further information.

Dave Clark
Clark Communications Group